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Equipment For Science Park

Scientific Park Equipments

Scientific Park Equipments

Approx. Rs 81,120 / Piece

We bring forth a wide range of Scientific Park Equipments, which is developed with an idea to educate children the basics of science with the help of fun activities. Our range of equipment includes Barton's Pendulum Equipment, Newton's color disk, Gear Train Equipment, DNA Model Equipment, Principle of Lever Equipment, Revolving Periscope Equipment, Mobius Band Equipment and many more. These are constructed from superior raw materials and have strength to withstand tough weather conditions. We find their wide installation in garden area of schools and playhouses.

Gear Train Equipment

Gear Train Equipment

Approx. Rs 49,010 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1410
Description : We offer Gear Train Equipment that is installed in several schools. It is a rotating machine part having cut teeth or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. The gear is combination of two or more gears working in tandem, which is called transmission and can make a mechanical advantage through a gear ratio therefore be considered a simple machine. Our Gear Train Equipment has an area of 4' x 4'.

DNA Model Equipment

DNA Model Equipment

Approx. Rs 21,450 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1411
Description : We construct DNA Model Equipment that is a ladder, which is designed precisely as of scientific DNA depiction. DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic information for the reproduction of life. Its shape is that of a double helix and its appearance is of a twisted ladder or spiral staircase. It has area of 4' with comfortable steps.

Crystal Structure Equipment Ae - 1413

Crystal Structure Equipment Ae - 1413

Approx. Rs 61,880 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1413
Description : We have built tough Crystal Structure Equipment with excellent weight bearing capacity. These structures are composed of a set of atoms. These are arranged in a specific way with a lattice exhibiting long range order and symmetry. The area it has area of 4' x 10'.

Barton''''S Pendulum Equipment

Approx. Rs 54,080 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1409
Description : Our company manufactures Barton's Pendulum that consists of eleven pendulums hanging from a single thread. This is connected between the two ends of a wooden rod. The thread sags in this asymmetric way because the driver pendulum is a wooden ball 5 cm in diameter. It has an area of 10' x 5'. It is constructed using quality material.

Revolving Periscope Equipment

Revolving Periscope Equipment

Approx. Rs 50,960 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1414
Description : We construct superb Revolving Periscope Equipment, which is an instrument installed for observation from a concealed position. It has a merry go round attached to a large colorful periscope that revolves to instruct us the reflection of light at a plane mirror. It is formed in an area of 6' diameter.

Principle of Lever Equipment

Principle of Lever Equipment

Approx. Rs 56,420 / Piece

Item Code : AE-1412
Description : We design Principle of Lever Equipment, which is a simple machine consisting of a bar supported at some stationary point along its length and used to overcome resistance at a second point by application of force at a third point. The Principle of Lever Equipment can be explained as when two equal forces acting in opposite directions, i.e., clockwise and anticlockwise, and applied to a uniform lever at equal distances from the fulcrum counteract each other and established a state of equilibrium, or balance, in the lever. The area of our Principle of Lever Equipment is 6' x 12'.
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